Paint by Numbers Kit Colorful Cat

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Paint by Numbers Cat Coloring Kit

Discover our high-quality paint through the digital kit. Looking for the perfect way to surprise cat lovers? These cat designs drawn by numbers are a great gift.

Why choose our colorful cat design?

If you are a cat lover or know someone who loves cats, you will know that every furry friend has a different personality. We have meticulously planned this beautiful color paint, using digital cats to represent the vibrant personality of felines.

This digital cat design for adults is the perfect way to start drawing. With easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, you will get a picture that tells a thousand words.

Why do you want to paint by number?

Relaxation:Studies have shown that creative activities such as coloring and painting can significantly reduce stress.

Home decoration:Even if you do not have high artistic skills, you can create your own paintings to decorate your home. 
The perfect gift:make it unique.

What's in my kit?  

Our kit contains:

  1. High-quality canvas with light-colored lines and numbers printed on it
  2. Corresponding numbered acrylic paint set
  3. A set of 3 brushes of different sizes
  4. DIY wooden frame (if selected)